Omaha: The Vibrant Epicenter of the West

Diverse and historic, Omaha is the largest city in Nebraska settled on the banks of the iconic Missouri River. Being the state’s largest, it is much expected that the city of Omaha offers the hottest dining scene, as well as the most popular city and suburban destination in Nebraska. Not far from the Missouri River is the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge offering exquisite riverbank views and the sweeping cityscape close by. Outside downtown Omaha is Montclair Village located just west of Rockbrook. In this neighborhood, you will enjoy easy access to the conveniences of Burlington, Oak View Mall, IHOP, Zorinsky Lake Park, and Millard North High School. The Interstate 680 close by brings you downtown and to the rest of Omaha hassle-free. In this city, the possibility of an exciting urban lifestyle is made a reality.

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